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Ts and Cs

The whole SLO team extends a warm welcome to you. When you make a booking for a stay, you accept the terms and conditions of sale (Ts and Cs) as described below. The purpose of the Terms and Conditions of Sale (Ts and Cs) is to define the terms and conditions governing the booking of Services from SLO (excluding Groups) by a Client.

It is important to understand :

  • Bookings are considered fully confirmed when the Client is sent a booking confirmation by email, subject to payment being made (see the ‘Booking’ clause)
  • It is not possible to check-in or extend a Stay if the booking has not been paid for in full (see the ‘Booking’ clause)
  • The maximum Stay in an Establishment is 7 consecutive nights (see the ‘Booking’ clause)
  • Cancellation is only possible if you have chosen a flexible Tariff. In this case, you may cancel up to 2 days before the start of the Stay (see the ‘Changes and Cancellations’ clause)
  • Don’t forget to bring your ID and a credit/debit card. Without these items, we cannot guarantee the booking and no refund will be given (see the ‘Arrival and Check-in’ clause).
  • Adhering to the Establishment’s rules and regulations is vital so that all can enjoy their Stay


Client : The person who books and pays for Services, in this case, SLO’s contracting party. They may be a different person to the Guest.

Establishment : The physical location where the Services will be provided: Lyon, Nantes, Nice, Annecy…

Group : A minimum of nine Guests, whose booking has been carried out by one Client. In this case, the Group Ts and Cs apply.

Guest : The person using the Services that have been booked. They may be a different person to the Client.

Website : All pages contained in the website, the web pages of SLO establishments and the booking platform used.

Stay : Period of between 1 and 7 nights spent in an Establishment, during which time the Guest has access to various Services.

Services : The main services are that of the provision of accommodation, but also include additional services such as the provision of breakfast, linen and a late check-out option. These are services booked by the Client and do not apply to group bookings.


These Ts and Cs are binding upon the Parties in relation to the Services booked by the Client (does not apply to group bookings). They override all other terms and conditions, specifically, those applicable to other outlets on which our Services are sold. They supersede all other earlier documents, proposals or discussions unless otherwise explicitly stated by the two Parties.

These Ts and Cs apply to all Establishments operated by SLO.

These Ts and Cs apply regardless of how the Stay was booked: online, by telephone, in person.

These Ts and Cs may be modified at any time. The applicable version is that which was in force on the date of the conclusion of the contract.

The various versions of the Ts and Cs are always available to view on the SLO Website at

Client representations and warranties

The Client warrants they are at least 18 years old and have the legal right and ability to enter into binding contracts and to use the Website in accordance with the Ts and Cs.

The Client confirms they have read the Ts and Cs and familiarized themselves with the nature, purpose and terms governing the booking of the Services advertised on the Website or available on site. They confirm they have requested and obtained all necessary and/or additional information required to make an informed decision with regards to their booking.

In the case of telephone or in person bookings, the Client will always be asked to read these Ts and Cs before confirming their booking. This requirement is reiterated in the booking confirmation email.

The Client acknowedges receipt of these Ts and Cs and of all the information contained in article L. 221-5 du Code de la consommation (the French Consumer Code) in a format that was legible and understandable, before making their booking and concluding the contract. This refers specifically to the following information :

  • The essential features of the Services;
  • The cost of Services and additional charges;
  • The date of performance of the Services;
  • Information pertaining to SLO’s legal status, postal address, telephone number and email address;
  • Information pertaining to legal and contractual guarantees and their implementation;
  • The option of having recourse to a consumer affairs mediator ;
  • Information pertaining to important terms of agreement;
  • Methods of payment accepted.

The act of the Client booking a Stay, whether this is in the form of accommodation or an additional Service, entails by right the full and unconditional acceptance of and compliance with these Ts and Cs and the obligation to pay for the Services ordered. This is explicitly acknowledged by the Client.


The Client is free to choose the Establishment, room type, date of Stay and additional Services (subject to availability).

Certain conditions apply to bookings :

  • The maximum length of Stay in all our Establishments is 7 nights.
  • Bookings may be made by a Client on behalf of another Guest.
  • Bookings can be made for a maximum of eight people, regardless how many beds or rooms are requested. Beyond this limit, the booking is not subject to these Ts and Cs but to the Group Ts and Cs. Stays must be paid for in full before the start of the Stay, with the exception of Services ordered after the start of the Stay. These additional Services are to be paid for in full at the time of ordering.

For bookings not made in person (online, by email or by telephone), there are two booking options : 

  • Flexible tariff: Stays may be cancelled free of charge up to two days before the Guest’s scheduled arrival. ( For example, a booking for Wednesday 12th may be cancelled up to Monday 10th at 11.59pm). After this time, payment in full for the Stay will be taken by SLO. If the Guest does not turn up for their Stay, no refunds will be given.
  • Non-refundable tariff: No cancellations are possible. Payment in full will be taken at the time of booking.

SLO undertakes to process booking requests as quickly as possible. After having ensured the availability of the Services that have been ordered, SLO will send the Client a booking confirmation email.

A booking is considered to have been formally confirmed and a contract concluded after the Client has been sent the booking confirmation email, subject to the condition precedent of payment being made in full. If the payment is not successful, even if this is not the Client’s fault, the booking is not considered to be formally confirmed.

Changes and Cancellations

The conditions governing the cancellation of and changes to the Stay will be reiterated during the booking process.

With flexible tariffs, the Client may cancel or change their booking subject to the terms stated during the booking process.

Cancellations may be carried out in the customer account or by contacting the Establishment.

Changes may only be made by directly contacting the Establishment and are subject to availability.

Bookings made for LYON-based Establishments for the Fête des Lumières celebrations may not be cancelled or refunded.

No cancellations are possible in the case of non-refundable tariffs.

If bookings have been made on Hostelworld, Booking or other partner networks, their terms and conditions will apply to any cancellations, changes or refunds. The Client must contact their Customer service teams.

We inform the Client that the right to a cooling-off period for online purchases provided for within the French Consumer Code does not apply in this case.

Extending a Stay

Requests to extend a Stay may be lodged with the Establishment’s reception no later than 11am on the scheduled day of departure. The Establishment is under no obligation to accept this request or to provide a reason for its refusal to do so.

In the event of a request to extend a Stay received later than 11am, a charge will be levied (10€ incl. VAT for dormitories and 30€ incl. VAT for double rooms).

Payment for Services associated with the extension of a Stay must be made before the extension begins.

Minor Guests policy

Bookings for unaccompanied minors (under the age of 16) are not accepted. Minors under 16 years old travelling with their parents are only allowed in dormitories booked on an exclusive use basis or in private rooms.

Minors aged from 16 to 18 must be able to show they have their parents’ permission in writing. They must also have a copy of the adult signatory’s ID and an ID.

Services on offer

A variety of Services are on offer in our Establishments, including the exclusive hire of venue space and the chance to book group activities. Not all Establishments offer the full range of Services. It is the Client’s responsibility to find out which specific Services are provided by which Establishment before they make a booking.

The list and descriptions below are for reference only :

  • Accommodation services : a bed in a shared room (dormitories of varying capacity) or in private rooms, with access to a private or shared bathroom.
  • Breakfast : full all-you-can-eat buffet (which may be booked in advance) served from 7am on.
  • Linen service for the stay : bed linen is provided (sheet, duvet cover, pillowcase) in shared and private rooms. Duvets are not permitted. Towels can be hired from reception for dormitories, and are included in the price for private rooms. Bed linen and towels are provided for the duration of your stay and will not be replaced during your stay, for environmental reasons. Any replacement requested by the customer during the stay will be invoiced (reception may refuse this request).
  • Padlocks : padlocks may be hired to secure your locker
  • Late check-out option: option of leaving after 11am
  • Catering/bar: a variety of light refreshments and snacks (sandwiches, pizza, pastries etc) and drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic).
  • Varied activities: each Establishment regularly organizes events open to Guests and locals. Each Establishment also gives Guests a choice of tourist industry partners offering a range of services, both free and paying, (guided tours, tasting local produce, cultural activities etc).
  • Cleaning: our cleaning team visits the dormitories every day to wash the floors and make up the beds of checkout guests only. In private rooms, no cleaning is scheduled during the stay, unless exceptionally requested by the guest and validated by reception.


Service prices are displayed in euros on the Website and are inclusive of all taxes.

VAT, where payable, will be at the rate currently in force. 10% VAT is levied on accommodation services. Tariffs and prices will vary depending on the time of year, the individual Establishment and the degree to which services are tailored to the individual. They may be changed without advance notice. Only the price advertised during the booking process is contractually binding.

A tourist tax is payable, per person and per night. It is included in the price. Bank charges may be levied by the Client’s bank if payment is made from outside France or in a currency other than the euro. It is the Client’s responsibility to contact their bank for details of any such charges.

Methods of payment

Services ordered may be paid for as follows :

  • For Services booked online, by credit/debit card(Visa/Mastercard) via a secure platform. Payment will be taken either immediately or the day before the start of the Stay, depending on whether a flexible tariff or non-refundable tariff has been chosen.
  • In person, at check-in, by credit/debit (Visa/Mastercard), ANCV holiday vouchers or cash (Euros).  500€ notes are not accepted for cash payments totalling less than this amount.

Payment by cheque is not accepted.

Clients’ and Guests’ obligations

The Client vouches for the truthfulness and accuracy of the information they have provided Clients and Guests undertake to comply with all their contractual obligations, especially the hostel rules and regulations. These rules and regulations are available from reception, in communal areas of the Establishment and on the Website.

In the event of a Guest’s non-compliance with one of the provisions of the hostel rules and regulations, SLO is within its rights to ask the Guest or their entire Group to leave the Establishment without compensation and/or refunds.

Guests undertake to :

  • Keep noise to a minimum in dormitories and communal areas out of respect for other clients and the neighbourhood;
  • Keep the communal areas and bathrooms clean;
  • Respect the Establishment’s staff and other Guests: any abuse or uncivil conduct may result in you being asked to leave;
  • Not bring or consume alcohol bought outside the hostel premises in the hostel;
  • Not eat, drink alcohol or smoke in the bedrooms;
  • Not take drugs or any other illicit substances;
  • Not damage the premises or take anything from the premises (any equipment found to be missing or damaged in the bedrooms, dormitories or communal areas on the day of the Group’s departure will be charged to the Group);
  • Use the fire extinguishers, fire exits and break glass stations only in the event of an emergency. Any misuse will be punished;
  • Not bring anyone into their room (or allow them to stay in their room) unless they have a valid booking for the Establishment in question;
  • Not bring animals into the Establishment. Only guide dogs for the blind are allowed.

The Client will be jointly and severally liable for any infractions committed by any Guest or Guests for whom they have made a booking.

The Client also undertakes to refrain from interfering with or impeding the proper functioning of the Website and to only access the Website through the user interfaces provided by the Website.

Fixed penalties for smoking

Smoking, including the use of e-cigarettes, is strictly forbidden in bedrooms, dormitories and communal areas.

A fixed penalty of 100€ (per person or per private room) will be invoiced to the Guest or Client for each infraction of the no-smoking rule.

Accessing the Website

SLO reserves the right to shut down access to its Website or its booking engine, temporarily or permanently, without advance notice.

SLO may not be held liable for any Website-related issues such as :

  • All or part of its Website is temporarily unavailable or malfunctioning, especially due to maintenance work, power cuts, telecommunications outages or the activity of hackers;
  • The failure of the internet to correctly communicate messages or documents.
  • The Client suffers damage or loss as result of browsing the internet, including loss of data and virus attack.

SLO reserves the right to deny access to the Website to any individual in breach of these Ts and Cs or of laws and regulations currently in force.

Arrival and check-in

Your room will be ready for you from 3pm onwards.

All Guests must present valid ID (passport, French residence permit, ID card or driving licence) at check-in. This is required for the compulsory police form which must be filled in by the Establishment.

Likewise, upon arrival, you must present a valid debit/credit card or virtual credit card. The card’s details will be kept for the duration of the Stay in case of damage caused by the Guest and may be used subject to the terms of the ‘Damages’ clause.

Failure to present valid ID or a valid credit/debit card may result in the Establishment cancelling the booking without compensation.


In the event of damage to the Establishment’s equipment or premises (rooms, electronic entry cards, fixtures and equipment) or excessive soiling, a charge, payable immediately, will be levied on the Client and Guest.

If payment is not received either on the premises or within 7 calendar days, SLO may block the relevant sum using the details of the credit or debit card presented by the Guest upon arrival. The Client and the Guest acknowledge and accept this. If the payment cannot be processed, SLO will proceed to enforced recovery of the debt.

Accessibility for people with reduced mobility

The communal areas, bathrooms and all types of bedroom (dormitories and private rooms) are accessible to persons with reduced mobility.

However, due to technical reasons and despite our best efforts, some Establishments have had to apply to their local authorities for certain exemptions to this legislation. We recommend Clients contact the Establishment they are interested in before making any booking to check details of accessibility and circulation space.

Liability – personal property

SLO does not look after property belonging to Guests, whether in bedrooms or in communal areas and may not be held liable by Guests in the event of the loss of, theft of or damage to their personal property.

In our Establishments, Guests may :

  • Buy a padlock or bring their own to secure their storage locker;
  • Bring their valuables to reception, where they will be stored in a safe;
  • Place their luggage in a luggage storage facility managed by reception or in an automated luggage locker. 

If a door, locker or padlock is forced or broken into, the Guest must immediately contact reception, who will record the incident. After investigating the incident, SLO may award the Client compensation upon presentation of :

  • Supporting documents/receipts relating to the damaged or stolen property
  • A crime number (evidence of a report having been made to the police)

Compensation will be governed and limited by the conditions and warranties of SLO’s insurance provider. SLO will provide the Client with the relevant policy limits if requested in writing. The policy limits will vary depending on how the Client secured their property (property in the care of SLO, property held in a safe or not).

SLO may not be held liable for any indirect loss or damages that the Client or Guest may suffer, or for any opportunity cost, reputational damage or loss of data suffered by the Client or Guest.

Act of God

In the event of an act of God directly affecting one or other of the parties, in particular, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, acts of war, fire, flooding or any other damage to the Establishment which would prevent its safe opening, its supply of provisions, pandemics resulting in total or partial lockdown, charges for cancellation of the Stay may be waived.

The affected party will inform the other party as quickly as possible. Industrial action for which notice has been given in advance (rail, air travel) is not considered to be an act of God.

Intellectual property

This Website is a work of authorship as defined in the French Intellectual Property Code. Each of its constituent parts, especially but not limited to its text, images, graphic design elements, videos, photographs, databases, software, logos and distinctive signs, especially trademarks, are the exclusive property of SLO or its partners.

These elements are protected by French and international intellectual property legislation, more specifically, copyright law.

The reproduction, representation and extraction, whether in whole or in part, permanently or on a temporary basis, including by means of framing, hotlinking or similar techniques, of the Website or any of its constituent parts, including hosted content, without SLO’s permission is forbidden and constitutes a violation of copyright, which may incur civil and criminal liability under the French Intellectual Property Code.

Personal data

SLO’s policy as it relates to personal data is set out in the ‘Privacy policy’ document.

Applicable regulations

These Ts and Cs and the wider contractual relationship between the Parties is governed solely by French law. Only the French version of these Ts and Cs is legally binding.

Translations of this document are for informational purposes only.


In the event of any kind of issue regarding the performance of the Contract in the Establishment, the Client or Guest will contact the Group Sales Department (from Monday to Friday from 9am to 12.30pm and from 2pm to 5pm) or the Manager or Reception at the Establishment in question to explain the issue and find a satisfactory solution.

For any other problems or in the absence of a satisfactory outcome, the Client will send a letter by post to SAS RBSH, 6B Rue des Capucins, 69001 Lyon, or will fill in the enquiry form on the Website to explain the issue and state their request.

Each request will be dealt with by SLO together with the manager of the Establishment in question. SLO undertakes to respond as quickly as possible and to try to find an amicable solution.

In the absence of an amicable resolution between the Parties, the Client will be informed of their right to request the involvement of an accredited consumer affairs mediator in accordance with the French Consumer Code (no charge is payable for this). SLO will send contact details for this mediator to the Client without delay.

Any dispute that cannot be resolved amicably will come under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Lyon law courts, unless the Client is able to have recourse to another jurisdiction.

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