SLO Hostels

Our corporate purpose and values

SLO’s corporate purpose is to bring the hostel concept to a wider audience and to play a central role in transforming the current tourist industry landscape, creating tourism with a more local, person-centred and sustainable approach.

In line with this, SLO wants its venues to be inspirational, creative and open; places where tourism and culture come together, aimed at giving travellers and locals an unforgettable experience.

The team

Since the opening of the first Slo in 2014, this business venture has grown substantially, as has the team, as more hostels have opened.

Many talented individuals have developed their gifts in-house or joined the firm to manage operations, welcome hundreds of travellers every day and take part in growing the company.

10 good reasons to join the Slo team

Our different career paths, experiences and journeys have enabled us to draw on new concepts and allowed us to rethink some of the sector’s practices. By joining SLO, you’ll learn to master the fundamentals of the hotel industry, work with the best tools on the market and be free to suggest new ideas, always with a view to improving the client experience !

  • Quality : delivering a hospitality experience that’s of very good quality
  • Enthusiasm : greet people with a smile (just as you like to be greeted when you’re on your travels), create a welcoming, genuine atmosphere.
  • Openness : be ready to be spontaneous and to meet new people, whether clients or colleagues
  • Respect : always be respectful towards co-workers, suppliers, clients and our corporate purpose and values
  • Sustainable : offer an energy-frugal and green model

You’ll be joining a team of passionate people. We’ve had amazing experiences in hostels all over the world, and hope to continue to do so.

You too ? Well, you can work alongside us to bring the hostel concept to a wider audience and give it a central role in transforming the modern tourist industry landscape !

Your working environment will be friendly, lively and designed to inspire.

You’ll meet clients from the world over and can enjoy fringe benefits in the company’s establishments.

The hospitality industry is changing. To help you strike the right work/life balance, you’ll be informed of your shifts several weeks in advance through a smartphone app. Furthermore, you’ll be given regular weekends off. You’ll also be signed up to a great healthcare package, 70% of which will be covered by the company.

A friendly, professional welcome with onboarding and training that’s tailored to you and overseen by your manager, who will be on hand to support and listen to you.

You’ll regularly take part in key events : team building, departmental  meetings, individual reviews.

Our differences are our strength, each company role is vital and we all complement each other. We don’t have identical backgrounds, academic paths or work experience, we come from different parts of France, other countries, have different cultures. However, we all have a goal in common: we are completely committed to the hostel where we work, to our corporate purpose and to looking after travellers.

Are you looking for a meaningful career and would like to play your part in the green transition ? SLO wants to offer a template for resource-conscious tourist accommodation that will bring greater purpose to travelling. This is our goal, and in its pursuit we have drawn up our environmental charter and all our hostels are Green Key International-accredited. Every day, through your work, you can help this vision become a reality.

Do you want to progress in your career and work in the hospitality industry ? You’ll be joining a company with big ambitions which is aiming to have a presence in all of France’s large cities. The talent of our team members is key, we encourage internal promotion and internal career development to allow you to progress in your career. We will support you if you want to take on more senior posts !

What you think matters. Through the company’s Works Council and social dialogue, we seek to work hand-in-hand with our employees to find optimal ways of optimising working conditions. We give regular updates to all our teams on the company’s performance and long-term projects, either during relaxed corporate events or via our in-house newsletter !

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